Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is teacher appreciation week at our school and I’m sure for others across the nation.

I was up early preparing a main dish to share at the luncheon, while Charlie was up early writing a hand written thank you card. He proudly brought the first round of gifts to class today.

BJ lead the teacher appreciation luncheon and decorated the staff room with a beautiful island oasis theme. I love seeing how all the families bring food to feed the teachers at this type of event. There is a mutual reciprocity of gratitude between the parents and the teachers and back again. I think the volunteers have just as much fun as the teachers.

I ran into Charlie’s teacher there today. She had a big smile on her face and thanked us for the lunch and also told me how much she enjoyed having Charlie in her class. She said she really enjoyed his gift and the letter that he wrote and noticed that he’s been trying really hard to do his personal best. I loved hearing this feedback from her and was thankful for these few moments together in the lunch room.

This was my last teacher appreciation luncheon at our elementary school as Charlie is promoting in June to middle school. It’s hard for me to believe that all three of my kids will have completed elementary school at the same place, despite the year abroad. Charlie has been going around the house singing the shooting star song that they sing at graduation that I’ve heard once or twice before and I know the end is near.

Today was a good day and it put me in a happy mood to be sharing time with my friends and volunteers and past teachers, grateful for the years together in our little community.

Thank you to all who choose to teach and to all the volunteers making our lives great. I hope you feel appreciated and loved!


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