Crazy Days and Going with the Flow

Today was crazy busy in a good kind of way and I am exhausted and thankful. 

Juliana had shared a BuzzFeed with me about clean eating recipes for two weeks. One recipe luckily caught my eye and was the idea that became dinner tonight.

I got to the gym and did a lot of shopping. In between shopping trips, I threw chicken breasts and salsa verde into the crockpot and showered before heading out again with my wet curly hair.

I zipped through the last store and dropped off the groceries before heading out again for a meeting. 

And the rest of the day took over from there. I forgot an appointment and had to rush around and try to still squeeze it in.  Christian decided when I picked him up that he needed to do some extra swimming and could I please bring him to the pool. It wasn’t on my plan either, but I went with it and squeezed the pool visit in too.  This was a highlight of my day. I loved just  watching him swim and sitting in the sunshine by myself. 


I told him we had to hurry though because I had to bring Charlie and his friend to their appointment.

We made it out of the pool and home on time to pick up the boys and get them to where they needed to be. Juliana decided she wanted to drive with me to drop them off. After we dropped the boys off, she didn’t want to go home just yet because she knew I would be distracted by all of the things still left on my to do list and she wanted time alone together.

Okay, when your teenage daughter decides she wants to spend time with you,  you don’t say no. Of course, I had a huge list of things I wanted to do in the next hour, like folding laundry and finishing dinner and tidying up a little bit and returning phone calls and emails. But I let it all go and enjoyed the moment with her. This was the best choice, even if I did have a quiet moment of anxiety before getting to yes. She makes me smile and I love being with her and am thankful she wanted to be together. 

So dinner was a little later tonight and the side dishes weren’t prepared, but we had plenty of leftovers to go with the yummy, light chicken that cooked itself in the crockpot. I love that magical pot.

The kitchen got cleaned and most of the clutter picked up, just a little later than usual. The laundry? It’s still sitting there and can wait until tomorrow. 

Happy kids, happy (tired) mom.  

Life is crazy and good! 

nAMaste and good night. xo

One thought on “Crazy Days and Going with the Flow

  1. You aren’t kidding when you say it’s busy & crazy. I remember it well. I brought my 93 yr. old grandfather to live with during those busy years & often had to get him in the car before I could take C & M to swim & had to drive from Saratoga-time consuming. Juliana is lucky that you would take time to spend with her-I’m sure I would have made a different choice. You’ve ya, PH

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