I Love Your Life

I do.

I love hearing your stories and about what you’re doing, what you’re learning and celebrating and how you’re traveling and exercising and working and volunteering and cooking and also about your passions. 

I like hearing about your kids and your family and your pets and I even like hearing about your struggles and concerns and heartache.  I love seeing you reach your goals. I love seeing you shine. I love seeing you rise up especially when you’ve been knocked down because I can see your strength and you inspire me.  

I do.

We are alive and celebrating life together and I love it, the good, the bad and the ugly. We’re human and we’re perfectly imperfect. We’re vulnerable and we are connected. One love.

I love when you comment on my blog or send me a private message, acknowledging and seeing me and sharing your feelings and experience and creating a connection. 

I love looking at the stats on my blog and seeing that friends from around the world are reading and maybe reflecting and thinking about living it up and laughing out loud and loving those around them.

Today someone I admire greeted me with a hug and said to me, “I love your life!” And she made me stop and smile and think how lucky we all are.  Thank you GR for that shared moment. 

I love your life and I love mine too

nAMaste BeLoveRs

This is homemade watermelon juice that I brought to Charlie’s game and reminded me of SQ and Cabo. Miss you friend.  xo

3 thoughts on “I Love Your Life

  1. Hi Adriana, When I was a girl my family would travel to a rural part of VT for the summer. My dad was a minister of a very large church and liked to get away. I loved being in that part of the country. We would return home on Labor Day weekend in time to start school that Tues. My dad would then start his preaching again. He would often use stories from our summer adventures in his sermons. On occasion he would use one of our family in his sermon for some illustration. When he did that we would say, quite proudly, that “we made the big time”. That is how I felt when I read you post today! I had made the big time and that felt quite lovely! It was a wonderful reminder to me of how something as simple as a brief greeting and a hug can mean so much! Thank you! I do love your posts! Blessings, Grace

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    • You made it big time!! Your soul shines through your authentic smiling eyes. I’m glad you knew this was you, as I always respect the privacy of others. Thank you for sharing that sweet little moment with me and making a difference. And thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m so happy that you enjoy my posts. 🙂

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