Bees and Butterflies and Kittens

We are thinking of getting a kitten and went to visit some rescue babies today. 

We first went to one foster family house to see Major Tom but he ws already adopted by the time we arrived. The lady was so kind and friendly that I wanted to stay and chat even longer with her. I left wishing we were friends! She gave us the name of another foster family to visit who had 5 week old babies that we could visit for possible pre- adoption.  

We drove over to the next house and as soon as I got out of the car, I was attracted to the colorful flowers. I walked over to see them more closely and had to take some pictures to share with you.

 As I was looking at the flowers, I noticed the bees buzzing around and was so excited by the photos I captured with my iPhone 6. The details my iPhone can capture are just amazing. 


As I was following the bees I noticed the butterflies circling the flowers. 


I wonder what kind of flowers these are that attracted such beautiful animals.  I was definitely distracted by them and the kids got impatient, reminding me that we were supposed to go inside to meet the kittens.

We went inside and waited for the lady to get the room ready to show us the six kittens. It was worth the wait and we are excited to adopt a couple soon. 

Life is good.  Now we have to start thinking of good names!! 
xoxo Adriana 

5 thoughts on “Bees and Butterflies and Kittens

  1. The plant is Lantana. There are more than 100 species with different colors. Very attractive and grows very fast. An introduced species which grows in tropical regions.

  2. How exciting!! There is truly nothing like having a couple of ” furry kids” to love and be loved.. They will give you so much joy and happiness ! ❤️

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