Last Walk-a-Thon

This one enjoyed walking his last laps today and was ready to go home early. He insisted he was done with his laps and did enough for the day with 26 laps. I don’t blame him as it was very hot and I am happy he chose to participate.

From the soccer field we moseyed on down to the pool to see CJ do his thing at his meet. I love this shot of him and love that he’s enjoying swimming every day.
Juliana had fun meeting her friends at Starbucks after school and joining me to watch her brothers. I love that they all support and love one another.

Being with my kids and watching them enjoy themselves are some of my favorite things.

What are some of your favorite things?

2 thoughts on “Last Walk-a-Thon

  1. Great dive & picture of CJ. I loved watching our kids swim. I enjoy taking my walks & visiting with neighbors along the way. Love cooking & making my little quilts. One of these days I’ll make one for your family. Thanks for putting the tea pot out for me

    Lovingly, Pat

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