I Almost Died Today


I was filled with fear and anxiety today. 

I don’t like these feelings, and although I am safe, the feelings kept overwhelming my body and I ended up in tears multiple times.

I was driving on the freeway with ML this morning when all of a sudden, the truck I was following dropped a piece of furniture off the back of their pickup truck. They were far enough ahead of me that I got to witness the table fly out of the back and the glass shattering to pieces. The round side table kept rolling down the highway right towards my car and heading to my left.  I didn’t know what to do and I was scared.  As I braked and thought to move, the table would roll in my direction and I was petrified.

I was afraid to swerve and hit someone and I was afraid to stop and be hit from behind. Everything happened so quickly and luckily I wasn’t in a hurry nor distracted. Luckily the guy behind me slowed down and and swerved around us, avoiding impact. I was thankful and mad and scared.

Luckily I avoided crashing into anything or anyone and was able to proceed. I was in shock and was traumatized but did not realize it right away. 

After I dropped off ML, I continued on my way and had to pull over again to process what happened. I cried for what almost happened and was very shaken up.

I am grateful to be alive and will continue to make my days meaningful.

Be safe BeLoveRs and pay attention to your surroundings and give your loved ones a hug!





13 thoughts on “I Almost Died Today

      • Thank you! It was very scary and time stood still for a bit yesterday. All is well now and I’m happy things ended the way they did and hope no one else hit the table behind me. It was very scary.

    • I am so thankful. I guess it wasn’t my time to go! I know it sounds dramatic, but it scared the heck out of me!! Things could have been a lot different if I had been going a little faster or looking down at my phone, etc.

  1. I’m so sorry this happened to you Adrianna! I know how you feel as a similar experience happened to me 23 years on I-5 in Portland when someone dropped a wooden palette.

    I’m thankful you were alert and that those around you were too. I just wish the person responsible was held accountable.

    Thinking of you & thankful for your safety. Another reminder how fragile our existence is. Thank you for always encouraging us with your words & reminding us to live, LOVE, and laugh!


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    • Thank you Jill! So good to hear from you. Isn’t that the scariest experience?? I was traumatized by it and am thankful nothing happened. I did feel more aware today when I was driving, so I think this was a good wake up call to be more defensive and to pay more attention.

  2. So very glad you are safe. I cannot imagine your situation. It sound like your responses, to the situation, were correct. We are all thankful you are okay. Hugs, yvonne

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    • Thank you, Yvonne!! I have a lot to be thankful for and will be paying more attention to trucks with cargo and the amount of space between me and other drivers. It was a BIG wake up call.

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