Fake Break

We’re on spring break, but we’re not really taking a break, except for a break in our normal routine. This is really hard for me. I want to travel and go, go, go.  I’m not good at slow mo.  I mean I can slow down and appreciate the art of nothingness and doing less and all that good stuff, but it’s really hard for me.  I do like it, don’t get me wrong, but if there were 6 options to choose from, this would be my 6th choice.

I love that the kids are sleeping in and don’t have to rush anywhere. This is really cool. I am enjoying not making lunches and getting out of bed at 6 am, but I naturally wake up early anyway, so this isn’t a huge benefit for me, but definitely for the kids.

I did enjoy getting up and drinking a hot cup of coffee while the house is still and quiet, reading FaceBook updates, looking at magazines and watching the Today show, without any rush. This is cool.

I decided to celebrate spring break by not cooking this week. I’m pretending that we’re at a hotel and we can’t cook. This is making staying at home much more fun! It feels weird to NOT cook, but does make me feel a little less busy and does provide for a break from my normal routine. I told the boys that they were in charge of dinner this week.  I love to cook, but thinking about what to make and pleasing everyone takes work, and we’re on break, remember?  Me too.

Last night, this meant they ordered pizza. Really? I guess they don’t want to cook either.

Tonight, I left out sausages for them to grill and skipped dinner myself as I had to run to a meeting. When I came home, I heated up some left over steak bites and made mini lox bagel bites with capers. I don’t call this cooking, but it was definitely fun.

How do you create a break in your routine? How do you change things up when you can’t do something big? I’d love to hear your ideas. Go ahead. Inspire me.  😉


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