What’s your hurdle?

What’s stopping you from taking the first leap? Do you even know?

Is there something that you want to try or do yet you’re afraid or busy or tired or bored or whatever you tell yourself that gets in your own way?

My hurdle is losing X number of pounds. It’s sooo much work to lose so little yet so easy to gain it all back plus more in a weekend, that my motivation has been, “I’ll try again on Monday.” And I do and fail by Tuesday. Sometimes Wednesday. And then I have to wait until Monday again, or some other crazy rational thought!

But today is Tuesday and I decided to jump over the hurdle right now and start on an off day. I need to do something right now and don’t want to wait any longer. So Tuesday is my new Monday. I jumped and didn’t fall!

I made a big pot of skinny girl vegetable soup that I can enjoy all week! I love soup. It’s comfort food to me and that’s what I need without the calories!

I’m a food lover so depriving myself of good food is not an option. Having something that is healthy and ready to eat and I don’t have to worry about portions is what I think I need to get over the hurdle in my head!

Wish me luck!! And I wish you luck taking that first leap, even if you don’t want to, to get over your own hurdle! Just do it! The first leap is always the hardest! Namaste.

5 thoughts on “Hurdles

  1. I had this soup for breakfast this morning and dessert the other night too! I’m determined!!

    I don’t have a recipe and you don’t need one either.

    Buy all the veggies you love – and chop them up.

    I sauteed garlic, onions, carrots and celeries first in a bit of avocado oil first to soften them up for probably 7 minutes.

    Next I added all the rest of the cut up veggies. I used cabbage, eggplant, mushrooms and forgot to add kale but would definitely add this and zucchini next time. I would add peppers too. You can add whatever you have. I added what was left in the fridge and then added to it. I wanted a TON of veggies. I didn’t add any starch or proteins – just wanted it to be as skinny as possible. But I think chicken or beans would be GREAT to add to it.

    Then I added 60+ (2 containers) of vegetable juice – you can use V8 Juice or I used what they had at Sprouts. I also added a container of chicken stock, because I needed more juice. Added kosher salt and ground pepper and had some fresh lemon thyme and basil leaves that I broke up and added into the mix. Add what you love or have on hand.

    It is REALLY yummy and nice to have in the fridge for a go to snack/meal.


  2. You said it all-I love making soup as well as getting started on something. It’s the story of my life!!!!! I thought I was organized for our trip but when I opened my suitcase I found I’d missed the mark especially with the shoes I brought. Chuck has already rubbed a sore on the bottom of one toe so walking could be a problem. Never a DULL moment with him. xo. Pat

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