Mini Fun

Tonight I laughed so hard watching Charlie play with his friends. We had a BBQ dinner and afterwards I loved just listening to the kids play together.

They decided to do a little skit, one that I shared with Charlie from my childhood days awhile ago.

One child sat on the lap of the other and then the show began. The person that can be seen has his arms in front of him, with shorts on up to his elbows and shoes on his hands, and a blanket over his lap. The person from behind hides and places their arms in the oversized shirt sleeves. Then the ceremony begins where the two become one and the hands and arms from behind start performing tasks.


They brushed their teeth, brushed their hair, drank water, danced, ran in place, did jumping jacks and sang the head-shoulders-knees-and-toes song.  

They itched their face and tucked their hair behind their ears. I couldn’t get them to pick their nose.  They went to sleep and did yoga. It is the funniest thing to watch, and all gathered around and enjoyed the show.

Life is good. Live it up and Laugh!! xo

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