You Are Loved

No matter what you know, the best thing
to know is that you are loved.

If you think that no one loves you, then look in the mirror and love yourself. Then you’ll be right. You will be loved and that’s in your control.

Anything more than this is a bonus.

Today I love that everyone in my family chose to love everyone else by sharing a valentine with each other. Our table was full. This was the highlight of my day. When you give, you receive.

The best part of receiving Valentines is knowing that someone else took the time to think of us, in their own way. I loved seeing our cards to each other and we all felt good taking a few moments to share our loving thoughts with each other. By far, this was my favorite gift – observing the thoughtfulness in each of my family members.

Life is good. Now before you think my day was perfect, it was far from that. There were a few hiccups and delays, but I am thankful for my one beautiful family and day.


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