My Playground





It was a beautiful day at Rancho San Antonio, hiking with Susanne and missing Michele. I automatically drive towards M’s house but she moved away, and I had to backtrack to the parking lot.

Rancho San Antonio is in the middle of Silicon Valley and provides a respite from the chaos and speed of life that is. It is my happy place, besides the beach. I was happy to see the water flowing in the creeks today.

This pig was lying in the sun just enjoying his day and he made me smile. Oh, to be so happy just being.

Later this afternoon, I took Charlie to a local park as we had an hour to fill while we waited for Juliana. We both felt out of place because he’s older now and so am I. We weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves as there were lots of little ones running around. We had fun on the swings and climbing and hanging on the bars. Soon we saw friends we know and love and felt at home again.


Today was a fun and busy day yet there were moments of stillness and playfulness that made me happy.

How was your day? What made you smile?

I hope you feel fulfilled and content.


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