Happy Hours

Have you heard that helping others can increase your happiness?

The magic number seems to be 100 hours per year, which amounts to about 2 hours per week. Who knew that helping others could enrich our own lives?

Are you volunteering or helping someone other than your immediate family?  If so, how much time do you spend being of service?

This has been a question I’ve been noodling on for awhile and am using as a guide as I’m always trying to maximize the Happy Hours in my days.

When I felt like everything was ok in my life and still felt like I was missing something, it was Susanne who asked me how I was being of service and how much time I was dedicating to this part of life. She loves to help youth and seniors and spends a fair part of each week helping others and she told me how helping others really made her happy. Her face would light up when she’d share stories with me. She inspired me to think about how I was spending my time.

I belong to a Christian’s women’s group that runs a thrift shop. All proceeds from sales goes into an endowment fund, from which scholarships are given to women pursuing higher education goals. I love being part of this volunteer organization and believe in the mission. I started volunteering one day per week for an hour or two, helping out with donations. I love going to the shop and seeing the ladies who work there regularly, and feeling appreciated for my little Happy Hour of service.

Recently I joined the board of directors, who make decisions about running the store. I have been working on a strategic change project that has been taking a lot more than 2 hours per week. I love being involved and using my business background and interest in change management to help lead the change and “working” with a team. As I share my time, I feel helpful and happy to be making a difference. I think this is an example of how helping others can actually make you happy. I feel thankful for the relationships I am building and for the difference I am making.  Happy Hours well spent.


Life is good.

6 thoughts on “Happy Hours

  1. I think it’s good to get outside of yourself for a while, too. Especially when you enjoy the service, and the company, it doesn’t feel like work – but it’s beneficial to those you help. The rewards are yours too, aren’t they?

  2. I am thankful you agreed to take a board position and that you’re getting something good out of it! Your fresh new ideas will help the Nearly New Shop update its image and make for a new way of thinking for the volunteers.

  3. Hi Adriana! Very flattering to be mentioned in your blog – I feel like a SUPERSTAR! ;P
    Good for you for getting involved and getting great rewards for helping others. When people ask me “What do you do?”….I often want to answer…”I help others.” And, we aren’t talking rocket-science-kinda-help. Just help a neighbor, my mother-in-law, my friends, etc.
    I’m about to embark on a new level of helping…I get interviewed to be Child Advocate (http://www.cadvocates.org/) on Monday to help mentor and advocate for foster youth. It is a little scary ‘cuz it is outside my comfort zone but I’m gonna try.

    • You ARE a SuperStAr!!!!! I Love that you choose to help people and make this world a better place. What could be better? Way to step outside your comfort zone. That’s how we grow. Just keep paddling… you’ll find your balance. LOVE this. You will be amazing, and oh, those lucky kids to have you by their side. xoxoxox

      • Adriana, you are doing such a fantastic job with the roll-out of the Nearly New Shop staffing change! You have so many talents and we are all benefiting from them! Keep up the great work and know that you are truly appreciated and loved!

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