Motherhood Perks

My stiff neck and I got to chaperone a field trip today with my last elementary school aged kid.  I am fully aware that this is it. “I am” graduating soon to Junior High and High School.  I’m an older mom now with older kids. I get it. My neck and I feel it and my wrinkles show it. Yep. And I am going to enjoy every minute that he chooses to share with me, as he becomes more and more independent.

He was so excited for today to come so that we could walk together to the theater and sit next to each other. When the older kids were saying goodbye at 7:15 am, he said he was lucky because he didn’t have to say goodbye to me until 11:30 am today. I love the way he thinks.

I loved that the class president still wants his mama with him. Motherhood perk.


I loved watching him with his friends. I loved his smile. I loved putting my arm near his leg while we watched the performance, because I can’t hold his hand when his friends are around. I loved being in his world, seeing his friends and teachers and sharing his space.

Life is good. I love the perks!


One thought on “Motherhood Perks

  1. Charlie is so loving because of all your loving way so he feels comfortable with you & that’s a good thing. I grew up with VERY little affection & hugs. Chucks family hug a lot so I had to get used to that which is a good thing. Enjoy it while it lasts. XO

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