Dolsot Bibimbap

I love trying new things and sharing the experiences. Today we tried a new to us, Korean restaurant that has over 1300 YELP reviews with an average of 4 stars. The restaurant was called Jang Su Jang. Click on the name to see the yelp review for yourself.

One of the perks of living in a multi-cultural community is being able to meet fascinating people and to enjoy delicious and authentic tasting foods from around the world. Being always curious about people and loving food as sustenance and as a form of art, I love living in Silicon Valley. My waistline, not so much. Oh well, fat and happy isn’t such a bad thing! 😉  At least for this week. There always seems to be a reason to celebrate life and who am I to say no to a “party.”  And I did get a hike in with ML before partaking in the festivities so maybe the calories expended equalled the calories consumed?? A girl can dream!

I loved the entire lunch process. When we were first seated, we were served warm tea in glass tumblers. This was new to me. We looked over the menu and we both picked the same entree – Dolsot Bimimbap. This is a rice dish topped w/ vegetables, beef, & optional red pepper paste, served in a hot stone bowl, where the rice sticks to the bottom and becomes crispy. The food and bowl is served so hot, that it cooks the egg in the bowl once you stir everything together.

Before the entrée arrived, we were served soup and as we ate the soup, the kimchi assortment arrived.  Just seeing the 8 little silver bowls set out on the table was like a surprise, not really knowing what was being served in front of us.  We have had Korean food before and know that this is part of the meal service, we just never really know what we are eating.  One bowl had some type of tiny cooked shrimp with the head and body still attached, shells and all. Another bowl had apples and onions in a creamy sauce, sort of like a Korean version of a Waldorf salad. I loved the glass noodles and the traditional Korean kimchi and enjoyed trying all of them. The waitress came by and asked us if we wanted refills on any of the dishes and was happy to see that we liked the food.





When the entrée arrived, I took pictures of the food, like I usually do because I love food and wanted to share a meal with you. 🙂  It was too pretty not to share.


Another waiter came by and told me I had to stir everything together quickly before the rice stuck to the bottom. This is my favorite part, so I wasn’t too much in a hurry. He offered to help me, and I obliged his wishes. I have had bibimbap before, just not here.  He added the spicy red paste to my dish and walked away so that I could enjoy my lunch.

It was another fun and fabulous lunch date and I left full and thankful.

What foods do you like to try? Are you an adventurous eater?  Got any good restaurant recommendations in the Bay Area? I’m always up for a food party!


2 thoughts on “Dolsot Bibimbap

  1. Your meal looked good but I don’t care for real spicy food so I’m not very adventuresome. I also have to avoid rich foods. I would live to eat shrimp scampi but it is too rich-now you get the picture. Thanks for sharing the food pictures. XO

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