Writing Is a Gift

Jeff and I went on a lunch date today to Orenchi, an infamous ramen place in Santa Clara. We tried to get there before it opened because there is always a wait. We got there at 11:20 am and it opened at 11:30 am and we were already 31st on the waiting list before it even opened! That’s how popular and good this place is.  We were willing to wait and wait we did for almost an hour!

I don’t mind waiting because my phone is always a source of entertainment. While we waited I discovered an awesome article from The New York Times about how writing leads to happiness. I was intrigued as these are two things that have become important and connected to me.

I’ve been writing now for almost 3 years and never set out to be a full time, every day blogger. I write because I enjoy the journey of living and finding the good in every day, despite the struggles and chaos. I hope that through my living and writing to tell about it, I will learn and never forget to live up every moment of this one beautiful life, to love all I come in contact with and to laugh every day and then share my good news. I hope that I can be an example of just one way of living and that you and others might be inspired by me, and connect and perhaps see the good in your own life too.

I have found that I really enjoy writing and taking the time to reflect every night about what was important and what went right. My life isn’t perfect, yet writing about the good raises the bar and expectations and helps me to stay optimistic. When things don’t go as planned, I’m ok and am willing to share those details too and to still see some good in the crazy. Writing allows me to take the time to reflect and to really see what it is I’m doing and experiencing and gives me time to decide if this is the path I want to continue because I’m fully aware of what is working and what is not. And because I’m focusing on the good, I am happy despite the crap that is and will always be part of life. I just choose to focus on the positive and this is very empowering. I encourage all of you to do the same. If not to write and share with others, then just write privately for yourself with your own intentions and see how you feel. Just choose to focus on the positive aspects of life and lift yourself up. See the good. It surrounds each of us and this is the space in which I want to be and want you to join me.

Now that I think back, I’ve often kept paper journals. They have served as a means to understand the complexities of life at any given stage and writing has always been cathartic to me. By writing, we are able to process our thoughts and for some reason seeing them helps me to make sense of my world. Do you write and do you enjoy the process of writing? Do you look back on what you write? Do you keep what you write? So curious.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of writing, here is a link to the article titled “Writing Your Way to Happiness” in the NY Times today:  http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/01/19/writing-your-way-to-happiness/

Oh, and if you’re interested in the what the ramen was like, it was definitely worth the wait. So savory and delicious we didn’t want to stop eating.


I wish you peace, love, joy and happiness.

namaste. xo

5 thoughts on “Writing Is a Gift

  1. Your ramen meal looks delicious & was worth the wait. I only write letters & thank you notes. You Adriana are a wonderful writer. XO

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  2. Adriana, thank you for taking the time to write every day and your courage to sghare your innermost thoughts and feelings publicly. You inspire and encourage me in so many ways. Also, thank you for the photo of the Ramen lunch you had. I have never had anything other than the instant ramen noodles, so as I was reading your story I couldn’t imagine people queuing up for that stuff. Now seeing the picture it definitely looks more appealing than the instant. Have a super good day my friend!

    • Kris – I love that you love my blog and that you take the time to write to me. I have always been inspired by you and you have shared invaluable gifts with me. Thanks for sharing this wonderful life together. LIPEO

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