Today’s Quote

“Remember to live.”  ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~

I found this quote today posted by Theresa on Soul Gatherings. I tried to reblog her post, but I think I experienced technical difficulties.

This quote resonated today with me as Jeff and I remembered to live it up today. We went on an all day date and began by seeing the American Sniper movie matinee, enjoying popcorn and a coke and a really good, heartfelt movie. His birthday got lost in the holiday rush, so we’re celebrating him all this month instead. Isn’t that a good idea? I love birthdays, but those that fall near Christmas get the short end of the stick.

After the movie, we took the time to stroll and shop, hand in hand. We decided to try an Indian buffet lunch, that was very good. We always enjoy trying new restaurants and new food. Today did not disappoint.

I loved that we had time to just be with each other and to live it up, simply and close to home, before the kids came home from school.

I truly felt like we remembered to live in the moment and to be present, and for this I am thankful.

Life is good.

How did you remember to live today?

Hope you have a good weekend.  Live it up, BeLoveRs. xo

2 thoughts on “Today’s Quote

  1. We were on an airplane most if the day but today we are celebrating being together for my aunts 100th birthday which was yesterday. I’m now getting to see cousins I haven’t seen-some in 50 yrs. & some I’ve never met. Glad you & Jeff got to enjoy time together. XO

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