Movie Night

Tonight we are all snuggled in together and watching a movie.


I love that we’re all home and just doing nothing but sitting in the same room.

It sometimes takes going away to appreciate the simplicity and comforts of home.

Life is good.

How do you like spending your vacation time?

We have another week off from school and I’m curious what we’ll do next, as we don’t have any definite plans. I think most of us are tired from being in the car all week, but who knows where our dreams will take us.

I hope you enjoy this last week of the year and I wish you enough.


2 thoughts on “Movie Night

  1. We enjoyed having Charlotte since Friday night & Chuck took her home this afternoon. We look forward to having Chuck & Ramadan back here before they leave for D.C. XO. Pat

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    • How fun to have Charlotte at your house for a few days! I’m sure her parents really appreciate you watching her and giving them a break. This is the greatest gift to parents!! Congratulations on Chuck and Ramadan’s wedding. I bet that was a wonderful celebration. Marcia sent me a picture and they both look so happy. Congratulations!! I love you and your family. xo

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