Merry Christmas Eve!

It’s the night before Christmas and our littlest one can’t sleep. He’s excited and filled with anticipation and fear and his head just won’t rest. It’s almost midnight!

He’s been tracking Santa’s arrival on NORAD and now that he knows he is very near, he keeps coming out of his room, claiming he can’t sleep. I wonder if he can’t sleep because he’s excited, anxious, scared, hopeful? It’s probably a mix of several feelings. Do you remember these feelings too? I sure hope he practices some of the mindfulness techniques he learned in Holland and closes his eyes because this mama is worn out!

I hope your day is filled with wonder and surprise, love and peace, good food and drinks, and that you’re surrounded by family and friends.

And may your presence and positive attitude be the gift that you give to all those you meet.

Merry Christmas from my little family to yours.


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