New Year’s Resolutions

Are you starting to think about what you’d like to do or change in the new year?

Do you have any new goals or ambitions?

I’ve begun to think about these and have a couple ideas.

I’m wondering if I write them out loud, if it’ll help make them stickier.

I have two right now.

My first one is to clean out my mouth. I have a potty mouth and it would probably be good for me to give it a good sweep. I don’t know why I like to swear, but it isn’t pretty. On one level, it feels like a big release to me. When I swear, I think it let’s the frustration out. But then I feel badly for saying bad words and being a bad example. So I’m going to try being more polite this year.

My second goal is to meet people where they are at. I tend to have high expectations of my friends and loved ones. I get disappointed easily and sometimes only see my point of view and struggle to understand why others act the way they do when I think their behavior is different than what I expect. This is dumb! I want to be able to accept whatever people have to offer and not judge. I want to see things from their perspective and be more open and accepting of what is so that I can enjoy their gifts and time shared with me instead of wondering why they don’t do what I want them to do. I’ve begun practicing this one and I love the results so far. Being accepting and not judging is awesome for everyone and creates stronger connections. I love this.

So what about you? Wanna share what you’re thinking about for next year?

Happy New Year in two more weeks!!


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Not thinking about New Years yet.!! I was in your area yesterday but forgot to bring item I got you from Pampered Chef-darn.

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