Friends – Beware of Laundry Detergent Pods/Packs

Kirkland Laundry detergent pods

Friends – Please don’t ever buy these products from Costco or Tide or anywhere else. Although they are enticing and easy to use to do the laundry, they are so dangerous.   The pods or laundry detergent pacs are appealing to kids to touch, play with and even taste.  For teens and adults who do the laundry, they can easily break with a finger nail or if your hands are slightly damp, they will stick to your skin and possibly explode in your face.

Click here for a story about the risks to small children:  Laundry Pod Risks

Today Juliana was doing a load of laundry and went to put one in the washing machine. As she moved clothes from the basket to the machine, the pod stuck to her hand and as she tried to get it off her hand, the pod exploded in her eyes, mouth, face, hair and all over her clothes and the laundry area and still half remained in the pod. These little pods must be under so much pressure.

The chemicals and irritants are so super concentrated that it took over 4 hours in the Urgent Care to cleanse her eye.  She must use antibiotic eye drops, pain eye drops and natural tears to continue flushing out her eye.  This has been a very painful and scary experience and changed our entire day, after such a wonderful morning.

She will have to miss two days of school, missing her finals and giving her eye time to recover. She will see an opthalmologist in the morning.

If you have these type of laundry pods in your home, please throw them away and spread the word to not ever buy them. We want to protect our friends from having to experience this because it is a horrible pain and should never have happened in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Friends – Beware of Laundry Detergent Pods/Packs

  1. This is absolutely ridiculous. I know for a fact this is utter cow poop. I regularly use these pods, and ive squeezed them. They do not burst easily, and she mustve shoved it into her face. I’ve burst them intentionally and they do not hurt my sensitive skin.

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