Patiently Waiting

It’s day 3 and today I enjoyed a day of “nothingness” in my pajamas all day and listening to the rain.

I refuse to let in to the anxiety and instead am slowing down, whatever that means. I loved just being in my quiet house without the sound of tv, music, or kids.

Three things made me happy today:
1) Having the day “off”

2) Making fish stew with leftovers

3). Decluttering my desk area

How did you enjoy your day?


Wishing you peace, love, and light.

Namaste. xo

2 thoughts on “Patiently Waiting

  1. Glad you got to stay in you P J’s & listen to the rain. I’m really tired so will make Chuck’s lunch & go to bed. Just put on my warming blanket & it is so nice. Stay dry. XO. Pat

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