Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving BeLoveRs! I am happy that we have each other.


I hope you enjoyed your family and friends, ate good food, and found some time to relax and play.

I am thankful for the time spent just being together today with my loved ones. We went on a hike together before the big family meal and survived the 80+ degree heat this morning.


Life is good.

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Glad you had a wonderful time with all the family. The turkey looked delicious. I fixed my turkey on Fri. as we went to our nieces for Thanksgiving. The turkey was cooked in a Forno & started the night before. The dressing & squash was cooked in the forno as well. Our niece Lisa & friend Mark built this work of art (forno). Love to all of you. Pat H.

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