Gravitational Pull to the Center of the Earth

Do you ever think about your weight and wish it was higher or lower than it actually is? Ok, let’s be honest – most people don’t really think about wishing they weighed more unless they are actually trying to qualify for a weight class in a sport such as wrestling.

But how many of us are always battling the bulge? How many of us are actually satisfied with our weight?

So many of us spend so much time and energy thinking about, reading about, talking about, wishing about, comparing and dreading and losing and gaining and weighing and tracking and oh my what a waste.

What if we just considered our gravitational pull towards the center of the earth and were thankful for our mass as it is, just being? This topic would quickly become boring and we could then spend more time being happy and enjoying what is versus fretting over a mass index.

This was how the dinner conversation with my daughter turned tonight on our date as we discussed body image, body expectations and body acceptance. How cool is that? She was the one that came up with the brilliant gravitational pull connection and then proceeded to talk about body mass index and muscles weighing more than fat and you can see where this conversation went from here.

She didn’t care about the number of pounds reported on any given day when she stood on the scale. She did care about being healthy, muscular, strong and fit. I have a lot to learn!!

I like how this girl thinks. Smart, confident girls rule! Rock your body, ladies and live it up. xo

I am proud.

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