Oprah – Live Your Best Life Tour – San Jose

Oh my gosh, I’m just back from the finale, Oprah Live Your Best Life Tour in San Jose and am on such a high.

I love Oprah. I always have and it was on my bucket list to go see her one day and today my dream came true. She did not disappoint.


She is such a good storyteller and is very authentic and real and vulnerable and amazing.  She gets life and I’m in awe of her grace.

She spoke for two hours to a sold out crowd and we’re going back tomorrow to listen to more master blaster trailblazers who are living it up, loving it out and living the best life possible.  I saw Elizabeth Gilbert standing and dancing in the audience, just glowing and happy as can be. I can’t wait to hear her and the rest of the team tomorrow.

But tonight I lived in the moment with my mama, soaking it all in and enjoying the journey.

Oprah is an amazing life force. She is full of positive energy and wants to share her wisdom with the masses because she has received and is aware of her gifts and talents and is using them to help others.  I love her, did I tell you that? We could be soul sisters.

The event started out in darkness with star lights twinkling on the screens and then the wristbands she gave to everyone who registered began lighting up. We all could see our light across the stadium, in all it’s wonder and reverence. We could see and feel energy. As she spoke of light and energy, the white star lights turned to orange and she told us that the sun always rises.   This was another one of her themes, that every day is a new day and the sun will rise and we can start again. She soon emerged onto the stage, dressed in a vibrant, floor length orange dress.

Her message was questioning why we were all here and why she was here tonight.

She wants us all to turn up the volume on our lives. She wants us to live with passion and purpose and vision. She wants us to know that we are the co-creators of our lives and to remind us that we get to decide which path, which journey we want to take. She wanted us to know that we become what we believe and our experiences move us to our higher good.

I believe her. I practice every day what she preaches. I felt such a connection and resonating YES!!

She said that we need to surrender to the glory that belongs to each of us and to be thankful for all that is good in our lives.

She went on to tell us stories about her life and how she came to be where she is today. She told us how she enjoys time by herself, sitting under her oak grove in Santa Barbara, feeling thankful and grateful for all that is. Taking time to be still and to be thankful and to notice the positive things in her life are part of her daily ritual. Sounds like she understands mindfulness and meditation and makes the time to slow down and be alone.

She shared many quotes and reminded us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We have to learn to connect to our power within. She reminded us that we all are here for a purpose and we were born and called to be.  Most of us have always known what our calling is, but we don’t always listen to the voices in our head.

She said that we all have a thread that we carry through our lives and that everyone has their own thread and that our spirits are seeking expression. It is up to us how we connect the dots and experience life. I LOVE THIS!

What is your thread? What are the commonalities and thoughts you’ve carried with you since you were a child? Are you listening?

She wanted us to think about what our calling is. Why are we here? What is our thread? What is our purpose and what connects us with the truth?

I know I keep repeating that “she said” but she was the only one on stage sharing her truth with all of us. We all long to leave a legacy, which is the collection of everything we’ve ever done, and everyone we’ve ever touched. We need to pay attention to our gifts and offer them to others. We need to be of service and to be grateful for all that we have been given.

What are the gifts and talents you possess? Are you sharing them freely with others? What we give, we receive. It’s a law of nature. Bam!

She wants us all to be a force for good and to share our positive energy with the world.

The main truths she believes in are of being of service and providing validation for all that is and for each other. Once we have these truths, we can focus on co-creating our life by thinking about what we put out into the universe.  What goes out comes back. For every action, there is an opposite reaction. This is how our lives work and it’s important that we are aware of our actions and to be of service.

She reminded us of the Golden Rule and to do onto others as we wish done onto us. And she reminded us that our intentions were critical to our happiness. We have to act with our intentions so that we’re not aimlessly trying to please others so they will like us. We need to follow our hearts’ intentions and avoid the disease to please.  We need to be responsible for our intentions and to do what we have time for and that we feel we are the best person for the job.

Oprah had many things that were bad happen to her as a child.  She had a rough childhood and moved from place to place. She believed in God and believed in herself,  We must believe that all things are possible. Everything is energy and carried by what we believe and nothing is a waste.

We need to live the life we want and to stay out of others’ energy fields.

When we are presented with love and fear, we must choose love.  We want to shift the paradigm of focusing on fear and anxiety to focusing on love. It works. Try it. Let go of fear and let love in the free space.

We must be graceful and accept what comes our way and to always be thankful and practice gratitude daily.

And when things don’t go our way, as they often do, we must practice the art of surrendering and letting go, opening up and expressing thankfulness, despite the unexpected.

After we do all we can do, we must learn to surrender, detach, release and let go and trust in the power of our greater self.  We need to live a grace filled life and pay attention and cultivate the spirit. Every breath is a gift and we need to pay attention to the little things and be grateful.

We are born to honor our spirit and to find our path, to follow our own journey and be the best we can be. We all want the same thing – to fulfill our highest expression as a human being and to find and weave our threads and connect with others.

We all get a second chance to begin again. We just have to choose a do over and to start again, right now.

Namaste. Live your best life!! xoxo  I love you Oprah!! Thank you for coming to San Jose and sharing you love, passion, and light. I wish you well.


9 thoughts on “Oprah – Live Your Best Life Tour – San Jose

  1. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I’m happy you got to go and see Oprah, and I’m SO glad you and your mom got to go together. Enjoy today’s session.

    • The weekend was soul filling and I am thankful that I had this experience. It has been a life dream to see Oprah in person. I wanted to share the details because we are all students and learning how to live our best life everyday and we are practicing. Mom and I had a great time together, singing and dancing and listening and eating and walking and sharing and reflecting. Life is good!! Thanks for writing Kris. I love you!!

    • Oprah is so authentic and passionate and the trailblazers all had gifts and stories to share that touched us in different ways. I know I wrote a lot and wanted to be able to share their wisdom. So many great lessons – some we already know, some we are practicing and some we still want to master. Life is a continuous practice and we all are students. I thought of you a lot during the event and your epic quest. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Glad it has been such a rewarding time. Wish I would have gone. Will you post the journal questions/exercises from today (if it’s not too lengthy?)

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