Football and Food Truck Fun

Tonight Charlie had his last flag football game and Jeff was able to come home early to watch it. I was lucky enough to be asked to referee the game.  I printed out the rules and learned as much as possible the hour before the game began.   I was nervous at first, but quickly got the hang of it and enjoyed running up and down the field, trying to remember which down we were on and blowing the whistle in between plays and remembering to throw my arms up when a team got a touchdown!  It’s a lot to remember when you’re a newbie!! I loved watching them play and I loved how the coaches had the kids come up and give me a high five and thanks for being the ref. I love that kids are being taught respect and gratefulness and I loved their little smiles.

After the game, we lived it up. Jeff had a great idea to go out to dinner and try the local food trucks.  Supposedly they are there every Thursday night near a local sports store.  It was really fun how the different trucks were lined up and we all got to choose our favorite food to try and we even found gluten free options.  The novelty of it made me smile. They had chairs set up and little lights strung across poles and live music playing.  It was a really fun experience and I’m so glad we had the time to go outside and play together.
I love my family and I love this crazy life.


Life is good.


Make time to play and do things differently than you normally do. It keeps life exciting! xoxo

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