Have you played this game yet? If not, you might want to pass because it’s so addicting. It’s this simple little sliding puzzle game where you slide tiles that when they match, they combine with like tiles and become a larger multiple exponent of 2. The object of the game is to combine tiles and get to the 2048 tile before you run out of space.

The more I play this game, the more it’s become symbolic with life for me. I’m always sliding pieces together and combining like terms and trying to be efficient and to create open space. But sometimes I get stuck and my space and time gets full, and I get blocked and have to start over again. Just like the game. I create space by combining things and then something new shows up! Just like that, I’m stuffed again.

For example, remember my linen closet that I shared months ago that was such a mess? I finally decided to get unstuck today and cleaned it out and reorganized it. I combined my 2s and 4s, 8s and 16s, 32s and 64s. It’s not perfect, but it’s my perfect 2048 or maybe it’s just a 1024?

I am happy that I finally tackled this problem and made progress. Heck, I feel like I won! But I still have more work to do. Time to play again!

Can you relate??

4 thoughts on “2048

  1. Yes, I can relate. Now it’s time to box up the Halloween stuff & get out the Thanksgiving decor. See you next week. Love, Pat

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  2. Holy cow, can I relate! both to the need for organization of my linen closet, and secondly to getting addicted to a computer game. I got hooked on spider solitaire, and it can be such a time suck. Cheers to you for tackling the linen closet. That gives me incentive to get mine done. In fact, my whole house feels like your puzzle game, having to move tiles/things around until they find the logical or designated spot. I have linens stashed in 3 or 4 different places in the house because my “linen” closet isn’t big enough, or in a good location. But, in order for me to reorganize, it means I have to clear out other spaces, and the other spaces can’t be cleared out until I designate new spaces for those, and on & on & on. I hope I win!

    • Kris – that’s exactly what is happening at my house. When we gave up our office/guest room, all of a sudden we started squeezing our supplies into other ill-fit places. I feel like I can’t move! I can’t move anything until I create space, and I can’t create space without getting rid of anything. I’m constantly juggling and moving and trying to bring stuff to the Nearly New Shop or Goodwill. And once I create new space, it’s usually another one of my family members who fills it up! I also like to refer to it as Whack the Mole – the game where you whack one mole who pops up his head, and he ducks down only to have another mole pop up. There is not escaping them and they keep showing up. Geez!! 😉 Good luck winning!!

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