Happiness is Laundry?

I did 6 loads of laundry – washed, dried, folded and even put away between yesterday and today. That’s a small miracle and it made me incredibly happy to see my family room laundry free and orderly, as opposed to how it usually looks.

It took a long time and while I was doing the work, I was thinking about the program I’m giving tomorrow about the Gift of Happiness.

Obviously I love this happiness business and spend a lot of time thinking about, playing with, sharing and experiencing the joys of the pursuit of it. There’s lots of research and studies, movies and books and blogs and experts on the topic to absorb and enjoy. There is even a happiness store In England, as Jeff shared with me today.

I wonder if he’s bringing me some happiness home with him? I definitely think he is.

But I digress… What I wanted to share is that even though the experts describe the 7 habits of happy people, and the 5 things you can do to be happier, I think life is even simpler than that.

Happiness to me came today in the form of clean laundry that was done for my family. I find that my happiness is rather simple and sometimes I forget. I love just being home and creating a loving and orderly home.

I am happiest when my house is free from clutter, my family is fed, my kids are doing their work – meaning studying and learning and being kind to themselves and others, we are all healthy, and together, and I’ve made time to exercise and chat or be with a friend. Wow – that’s a long run-on sentence, but that’s pretty much it. Everything else is just a bonus! And this happiness thing takes constant work and I’m never done.

What makes you happy? On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy would you rate yourself on a daily basis?

5 thoughts on “Happiness is Laundry?

  1. I’d say 7/8-I’m looking for the right bible reading for your program. I look forward to your program tomorrow. XOXO. Pat

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