Halloween Fun

We are getting ready for Halloween.

Last night we celebrated at our elementary school with Halloween Happening. There were game booths, food booths and a pumpkin carving contest. This was our last year and it was fun to watch Charlie running free with his friends, being the oldest kid on campus. He didn’t even wear his costume this year. It’s normal and strange at the same time,watching your kids grow up and change.

We enjoyed seeing all the kids and being with friends. The best part of the night was when Juliana told Charlie that we were ready to leave and that he should use his remaining tickets to go buy some pizza. He had been busy just hanging out with his friends, that he didn’t end up using many of his tickets.  We didn’t actually know how many he had, until he showed up with 6 slices of pizza that shocked all of us.

Tonight we continued our Halloween celebration at our church where we participated in a Trunk or Treat event, where families decorated their trunks and handed out candy to kids in a safe environment.  We had fun decorating our trunk, handing out candy and seeing our friends and meeting new families.




It reminded us of our time trunk or treating in Holland two years ago. It’s so hard to believe that was already 2 years ago. Juliana had fun volunteering and working with her friends. Charlie loved running free and collecting candy.  It rained in the middle of the event, but we didn’t mind and were thankful that our trunk door provided some shelter.  I don’t the rain scared away many goblins. The kids were adorable and there were so many Frozen princess costumes tonight.

I love Halloween and all the costumes, imagination, and festivities and candy. Can’t wait until next week.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!!

6 thoughts on “Halloween Fun

  1. So much fun, Adriana. I love memory builders and your Halloween traditions are amazing! For the last 16 years I have made traditional Aunt Jane lasagna dinner, inviting AJ’s other grandparents to join us. These last two years we’ve kept the tradition going even though AJ’s grandparents now live in Fontana. Joanna and AJ carve pumpkins, which they will be doing this afternoon, lasagna is made along with various desserts. Now just hanging out waiting for dinner time and guests. I love tradition🎃

    • Oh, I love it!! You’ve inspired me to make my mom’s lasagna on Halloween too. Thanks for that gift. She made me her sauce while she was here and I put some in the freezer. I like to call it liquid gold!! We all love it so much. I hope you have fun with your grandson and family. xoxo

  2. What clever idea to have a Trunk to Treat event-never heard of such an event. I liked the Spanish moss costume-very creative.

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