Indian Summer

We are all ready for fall. Charlie and Jeff got the Halloween boxes down from the attic today to begin decorating for our favorite holiday.
I love that he is so into the holidays and being prepared. I will miss it when his interest wanes one day and he’s “too big.”

It has been so incredibly hot the last few days, that we wanted to wait for a cool morning to climb up the stairs into the stagnant heat. Today was the day, but it doesn’t feel like fall at all. I believe the high for today was 90 degrees.

I had a tennis match this morning and luckily we stayed hydrated and won despite the heat radiating off the court. It’s crazy to me to think that Megan is in Michigan and it’s raining and cold and we are in California and are burning up in the sun. Yin and yang.

When I came home, the kids wanted to go to the pool to cool off with their friends. I loaded up the van with drinks and snacks and pool gear and off we went to enjoy our Indian summer afternoon.


The kids enjoyed cooling off and playing games and I sat in the shade with a couple magazines, getting splashed for sitting too close to the deep end watching them play. Luckily it was refreshing and didn’t get my magazine or phone really soaked.

After the pool, we came home and decluttered the house before working together to get dinner on the table. Jeff used his sous-vide immersion cooker and made a spicy pork loin tonight. Juliana made the sliced potatoes and I made a few vegetable dishes, while Charlie and Christian set the table and got drinks for everyone. I love family meals and working together to make the magic happen.

Hope you had a good weekend and stayed cool in California.

2 thoughts on “Indian Summer

  1. Hi, sounds like you had a great day. We had 20+ people out to the Delta for an alumnae BBQ. It was a fun day but my feet sure were tired by the end of the day. I felt sorry for Chuck because he had to drive into Redwood City to spend the night. Needless to say I was very happy to put my feet up after I got the dishwasher going & Chuck on his way.

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    • I love that you shared your day with me and you are one of the many reasons why I continue to blog. Thank you for commenting and sharing this life journey together. I bet it was a hot day on the Delta and I’m sure your friends had an excellent time. Hopefully you got lots of rest today!! Love you. xo

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