Busy and Stressful Days

Some days are really busy and stressful, not just for me, but for everybody. I know that.

Today was one of those days. Most days include lots of juggling and coordinating and delegating and hoping and praying!!

Charlie woke up at 4am this morning and this just started our day out being tired. He came home from school and practice today and was an unhappy camper.

He was agitated, hot, tired, and hungry. Poor kid!!

He had to keep on going, being the youngest and all, but was such a trooper along with a few tears.

I had barely any time to make dinner tonight and was able to start a meal and then turn off the stove to drop off a kid to an appointment and then come back to resume cooking.





Before we came back home again, I needed to break the whining and demanding cycle. He desperately wanted me to go up in the attic to get down the Halloween decoration boxes and I couldn’t do it by myself.

I decided to stop by the Corn Palace to buy some little pumpkins for him to decorate with Sharpies. This bought me some time to finish dinner and to occupy him while I rushed around the kitchen. He was content and so was I as I got to prepare a healthy dinner.


I am thankful for my healthy family and my ability to help my little ones to deal with their own struggles.

Life is good!

One thought on “Busy and Stressful Days

  1. Your meal sure looked delicious-hope your family enjoyed it & appreciated your hard work. XOXO. Ph

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