Sunrise and Sunset

These aren’t exciting pictures and are hard to visualize, but I wanted to share the Canadian Geese that are in Sunnyvale. They hang out in the ponds outside the city center and in the morning fly overhead for breakfast at the old Corn Palace, eating the leftovers and grazing all morning.

I find them fascinating, because they always come back after the corn stalks have been cut down and the fields are empty. However, I don’t like their huge poops that they leave behind in our parks and green fields.

I saw them early this morning while dropping kids off at school and then again before dinner time on the way home from an event.


I drove by and tried to take photos just because I find their patterns fascinating and like that they consistently come back every year during their migration cycle.


I like the rhythms of nature and enjoyed these calm, predictive moments in between the other chaotic moments of the day.

How was your day? What patterns and repetition do you enjoy?


One thought on “Sunrise and Sunset

  1. Yes, the geese are so messy & I don’t walk certain places at the Delta because of them. I love the other birds around especially the huingbirds.

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