Smart Girls and Great Mentors

I was at a dinner tonight and listening to so many different conversations.

My favorite conversations were those of the women who were sharing stories about their smart daughters, not that they used those words, but that’s what I heard.

One friend’s daughter is studying chemistry at a California University and wants to go on to graduate and further her studies to become a pharmacist. She had a great science teacher in high school who inspired her to become who she is today. She also has 6 pharmacists in her family whom I’m sure have also inspired her.

Another mom was talking about her daughter who is studying for her PhD also in chemistry and was studying nanotechnology and how to use it to administer cancer treatment in a very focused manner. I love hearing about young women who find and are pursuing their passions.

And the last 20-something that captured my attention had her degree from USC and came home to help her family and respectfully gave up an opportunity to provide community service abroad. I wonder if she knows how awesome she is to be of service right here in her own community. I bet it doesn’t feel like that right now, but one day I’m sure she’ll know she made the right and best decision.

My own daughter dreams of becoming a doctor one day and one of my BFFs is her mentor. I wonder if by the time she gets to college, if this dream will become a reality. For now, I’m happy that she’s thinking about her future and how she’d like to spend her days as a grown up.

We have some cool, super smart, future women leaders among us!! Maybe it’s because they have some cool, super smart Mom mentors too?!?

Someone asked me what my dream job would be and for some reason I replied being a talk show host like Oprah Winfrey. I think I would love talking to people and hearing their stories and making connections. I’m fascinated by the differences and connections we all share and the struggles and celebrations that come in so many different forms. This made me smile. Maybe I’ll be a talk show host when I grow up. What will you be when you grow up?

Goodnight BeLovers. Sweet Dreams.


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