What Do You Wish For?

I was wishing for a beach house but I think I changed my mind, as of yesterday, believe it or not, for several reasons.

I used to wish to move back to Thousand Oaks, but I don’t wish for that anymore either.

I used to wish to go on The Price is Right, but that no longer is high on my wish list. It would be fun, but I’m not longing or aching to be on the show.

I always wanted to be in the same room with Oprah, and that wish will come true in a couple months! I’m very excited. I love her and her energy and wisdom.

I always wished to be a stay at home mom and I’m currently happily living that dream.

I wonder what you wish for and what you’ve wished for and if you’ve been lucky and /or done the work to achieve your dreams.

I dream that my entire extended family and BFFs and their families all lived in the same village somewhere so that we could all look out for one another, share meals and celebrations and laughs, and take care of each other every day. I think this would make me very happy.

I believe that the grass is greener where you water it, and that it’s not necessarily greener on the other side.

I will continue to enjoy my little family and friends and neighbors and community right where I am.

So what wishes will you water?

Namaste, BeLovers.

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