Hello BeLovers!



Be Love.

Be Loved.

Today one of my 305 blog followers and favorite commenters (Kris) commented on my blog and described herself as one of my “bloggies.” I was just thinking about how thankful I am that you read my blog and that some of you read it every day. You follow along with me, sometimes sharing comments, sometimes liking what I write either publicly or privately, and sometimes just silently reading, but you visit and come back again and again and I love it.

One blogger I follow has hundreds of thousands of followers and she calls us followers, her Monkees. We are part of her Monkee community and it’s just an endearing word to group us together.

I thought more about rock stars and their followers and several of their fan clubs have names. For example,

Justin Bieber has Beliebers.

Lady Gaga has Little Monsters.

Katy Perry has KatyCats.

Taylor Swift has Swifties.

I wanted to come up with a name for my followers too, not that I’m a rock star and have a big following, but 300+ is big for me. I want to call you BeLovers – which connects to Here I am by just BEing You.  Just Be. Be Love. Be Loved. Be Loving. Be a Lover of all that is good.  BeLovers.

What do you think? Is that corny? Cute? Stick with it or find another bloggies name?  Help me out BeLovers!! xoxo

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