Diary of a Fat Housewife


Last week I shared how to look hot in a minivan, after finding this book title while sorting donations to prepare for the rummage sale.  I’m happy to share that the rummage sale made over $5,000 this weekend. Isn’t that fantastic?  In the last two years, I believe we made around $3,000, so I’d say it was a good year.  We had a lot of fun working together and volunteering and meeting new people in our community. I wasn’t there for the actual sale day, but heard many great stories.  We had so many volunteers and people making donations that don’t even have kids at our school anymore. Our school and neighborhood has a great community and this rummage sale was an example of that.

I also volunteer at the Nearly New Shop, which is an upscale resale shop.  Last week I found another interesting book title while working that made me laugh and I just had to share.  The Diary of a Fat Housewife was originally published in 1977 and has over 100,000 copies are in print.  I wonder who has all these old copies, but this one made me laugh as the antithesis to being the hot minivan driving mama.

This book is a mix of Weight Watchers practices, Dear Diary, and some serious prayer. I never thought to mix these three things together… hmm, I wonder if I did the same, I might be able to stay on track.  Maybe next time I’m ready to be disciplined and focused I’ll see what Ms. Cook has to say about prayer and weight loss.  For now, I’ll just be fat and happy!  😉


2 thoughts on “Diary of a Fat Housewife

  1. Hahahaha! What a compare/contrast between “How to Look Hot in a Minivan” and “Fat Housewives”. OMG, this makes me laugh. Thanks for sharing a chuckle at the end of the day.

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