6 thoughts on “Happy 70th Birthday!!

  1. We have all been blessed to have John in our lives. The Mutolo’s are the “heart” of our neighborhood. I loved seeing all the children playing on the front lawn, just like our children did so many years ago. The party was awesome and it was our pleasure to celebrate John with his family and friends. Woo Hoo!!!

    • So glad you were there. Sorry we didn’t get over to your house to share your new pool! We had another party the next morning that went all the way until 3pm when we had to get on the road and travel back home. Loved seeing you and Steve and lil’ L. Loved seeing all the kids outside playing too! xoxo

  2. It was a wonderful celebration! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to honour dad. I think he was so happy to be loved by so many people, especially by his children and their families. Love you!

    • It sure was awesome, mama. Everyone had a good time, that’s for sure and no one wanted to go home. We even came back the next day to keep the celebration going. Thanks for hosting all of us!! xoxo

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