Just Dance

What was the highlight of your day today?

Did you laugh out loud? Did you dance in the kitchen?  Did you run outside and play?  How many hugs did you give and receive?  I mean, I know you’re busy and all, but how much time did you spend laughing and playing and enjoying a moment?

I think our lives are so busy and chaotic and that as we get older, some of us forget to play and laugh and be silly because we’re “busy” and feel like we’re too old for that. We can change that, like right now.

You know how they say you have to create the life you want and you have to make it happen?  Well I think we have to give ourselves permission to just play because we can and I want us all to play everyday.  I want to us to joke around and be silly and move and laugh at ourselves and make other people smile and laugh with us.  

Tonight I was at back to school night and I was called into a “meeting.”  As I walked into the room, there was music playing and people standing up, and they told me to hurry up and move to the back because I had to learn a dance in 5 minutes that we were to perform on stage tonight. What the?  

I had no idea and all of a sudden we’re learning a 3 minute routine and dancing together with the student leadership team. My first thought, was I can’t dance and what was I doing there. The second thought was I don’t want to be on stage and look like a fool and what am I wearing and I don’t have a pedicure and do I look ok? 

I didn’t want to do it for several reasons and I didn’t want to say no. Yin and yang again.

So what did I do?  I just shut up and danced, of course.

I jumped right in and played along and joked and laughed and danced with my girls and had so much fun.  I left my fear behind and just let go. It was fun and embarrassing and the best part was supporting my daughter, bonding with my friends and watching the audience smile at our little ditty.  I loved that my friend was so happy that I got up and danced with her and loved seeing her laugh and hugging me for doing it with her.  

So the next time you’re asked, just get up and dance.  Be happy.




One thought on “Just Dance

  1. I loved your blog-my best friend out here came out for dinner so we gave lots of hugs. This friend I met @KK in the early 70’s & we played tennis until she went to work. She has also traveled with us. It was fun working together on Wed. XO ph

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