How to Look Hot in a Minivan

I found this book in the rummage sale pile today while I was busy looking hot (does sweating count as hot?) sorting peoples stuff and preparing for our 5th grade science camp fundraiser.

It just made me laugh and I had to flip through it and identify some best practices so I could be hotter driving my sexy minivan. I have this strange yin and yang thing with minivans. I swore I’d never have one and yet I’m on my second.

Ssshhh! Don’t tell, but I love my minivan. It has so much space and the kids don’t have to touch each other. It drives smoothly and is easy to park. It even comes with a built in shop-vac that’s so handy for sucking up sand from the beach and crumbs from my kids. The doors automatically slide open and close at the touch of a button and I don’t need to find my key to unlock the doors because it loves me and knows when I am near. Oh, and I have nice racks – for my paddle boards that is. How hot am I now? Who says you can’t be hot and drive a minivan?

The book says I shouldn’t eat my kids’ leftover chicken nuggets and gave me some workout ideas like p90x and Pilates. They showed me how to not dress like an old fashioned mom and how to look more modern.

So I’m not going to wear mom pants and my kids don’t eat chicken nuggets so maybe I have a chance at being mini-van hot.

I just thought this whole thing was funny and couldn’t believe there was a hot pink book written about this topic.

It was the highlight of my rummage sale find today and hope that another mom enjoys it when I add it back to the pile tomorrow.

Goodnight hot mamas!

5 thoughts on “How to Look Hot in a Minivan

  1. Too funny! As a former minivan driving hot mama, I just need to know the definition of mom pants (just to be sure I’m not violating the dress code)…

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