Labor Day

The boys built a new smoker today to take to tailgates.  This was the highlight of our work today, besides the usual daily chores.


It was nice to have the day off today and for us all to be home.  The kids slept in and Juliana and I went to a long lunch with friends, while the boys escaped to the movie theater for a matinee.

We came back together in the late afternoon to join friends for a delicious BBQ dinner in the neighborhood.

I surprisingly enjoyed our low key weekend “at home” without fighting traffic and long commutes. I promised Jeff that we could explore and be adventurous every other weekend, or that if we do something active on Saturday, I’ll try to reserve Sunday as a day of rest.  We’ll see how well this plan goes, especially as the kids’ sports schedules heat up.  I love seeking out new experiences and connections and it’s really hard for me to say no to new challenges and opportunities.

How was your labor day? Did you labor? Play? Rest?  All of the above?  Hope it was good for YOU and that you enjoy the shortened week.


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