Love Your Neighbor

I grew up on a street where everyone knows each other. My parents still live there and we are still friends with the neighbors I grew up with. I love that when I go home to visit that I have an extended neighborhood family.

We have lived in our same house now for 14 years, except for the year we lived in Amsterdam. We kept our house while we were away so still have the continuity of being in the same place. The other day I came home after meetings and Jeff was standing in the driveway talking to a neighbor. He knew everyone’s story on the cul de sac and how long they have lived there. I loved hearing him share about everyone, and seeing his dog hanging out with us. It is comfortable knowing his schedule and seeing him come and go and to watch him play with his dog after he comes home from work. I like the routine of my neighbors’ lives. One neighbor carries a bucket around her yard and hand waters her trees every day from a big, white bucket. She doesn’t speak English, but always waves and nods her head.

There is another lady that drags her feet when she walks and clicks her cane from step to step. I love seeing and hearing her.

Another man is widowed and walks early in the morning with a cap on his head as fast as he can.

There are the dog walkers, and couples holding hands and the lady with cancer. There are the teens with loud cars and there are the moms driving kids back and forth from here to there. And there is the man with the dog who pooped on my lawn and didn’t bother picking it up who I confronted and gave him a bag to clean up after his baby and was shocked that I confronted him. There is the guy with no teeth and the mama with 14 grown kids who doesn’t speak English yet waves and says hello every time I see her. There are friends with kids and friends who have become family. There are people I know and people I don’t and some I say hello to and wave to and others who are strangers still.

I love this diverse neighborhood and I love that there are people who have lived here for than 50 years.

This morning my neighbor George came by and offered me some vegetables from his garden.


I love that he chose to share with me and told me all about the different types of tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans. I loved hearing about his wife and his children and grandchildren and how he spends his time.

Life is good and I am thankful to be living in such a great neighborhood.

I love this life.


2 thoughts on “Love Your Neighbor

  1. I love how much you love and know your neighbours. I live in a rural area so we are more spread out here, but I know most of my neighbours as we’ll. it’s good to be a part of the community.

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