What a Beautiful World

You know how they say that your mind can create your reality? I believe this to be true. And I think if you’re thinking good thoughts and want to be happy and to see they good, you can and you will and you’ll attract awesome people and wonderful experiences that just magically appear.  And I think you’ll attract goodness to you because your focus is on what’s good and great in any given moment.  It’s a great practice that we all should be practicing daily. Believe me, it’s true, I’m not kidding. 😉

Today I arrived alone at the end of the season BBQ at our swim club.  When I first arrived, a friend invited me to share her table as she noticed I was alone. She introduced me to her friends and built up our little community. I love when people extend themselves and connect us to one another. I am going to remember to do this too and make people feel welcome and widen our circle. I stayed for a short while and then moved to an open table since there wasn’t enough room for my family to join us at Allie’s table. Thank you Allie for always being so gracious and welcoming. You are a gift and great friend. And thank you for walking over to my table by the pool, with your dessert to be sure I got a chance to try your delicious apple cake. You are loved!

As I was sitting alone by the pool, waiting for family and friends to arrive, I was just happy to be outside and to not be cooking dinner.  I was content waiting, but I must have looked lonely, when one of my friends walked by and asked me if I ever had a Moscow Mule before and if I wanted one. I said no that I had not and sure I’d love to try it. She said she would be back and would bring me one, as she was busy running the BBQ tonight. She told me to enjoy my quiet moment and that she would return shortly.

I was so happy that she even noticed me and asked me and offered to share a drink with me without me even asking or being curious, although I was very curious about her copper mug when I saw it by the grill, but never said a word about it. I loved that she spoiled me and shared her special drink in her new ice cold, anniversary copper mugs just like that.

The drink was great, but the gesture and love shared was even greater and she probably doesn’t even realize what she did. I am grateful and thank you Meredith. And happy anniversary, lovebirds!!

This set the whole tone for the rest of the night. I was happy just sitting and relaxing and watching the kids swim and play tennis, while hanging with family and friends after they arrived. The weather was still warm and it was just a gorgeous night to be outside. As we sat, the sky show began and oh man, I’m so glad we were outside to enjoy the sunset.  





What a beautiful world!!

Life is good. I hope you enjoy this Labor Day Weekend and rest, play, eat, love, and shine!! xo

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