Now that the kids are back at school, my vacation can begin!! Seriously – It’s a lot of work when they’re home all summer and I am so thankful that they’re back in an organized environment where their needs are met by someone besides me for a majority of the day.  Thank you teachers.

Today I went for a hike at the Los Gatos Creek Trail with ML.

We’re trying to get in a hike a week and so far we’re two for two.  

I hope it lasts.  My Fitbit says we walked 6 miles.  I love when that thing tells me love stories like that.  I was happy to see that my 10,000+++ steps were done before noon.

I have never been on the Los Gatos Creek Trail and it was something I have wanted to explore forever. I was so happy that I finally got to go hike and explore a new area and that ML showed me around. It was a hot day, and we made it to the top to see the beautiful views. I loved it!!

When we got back to the trailhead, ML saw a restaurant she has been wanting to try. We still had time before having to receive the kids when they came home from school and had time to have lunch, and so we did. We shared a delicious salad and sandwich from the purple onion cafe in los gatos. This was a delightful place and we enjoyed our meal outside, soaking up some iced tea and lemonade and the beautiful weather after our long hike.

We loved our mini stay-cation and can’t wait for our next one next week. I wonder which of the 7 wonders we’ll discover next?

Life is good.  

P.s. Moms – especially Stay at home moms, it’s very important to take time for yourself and to fill up with goodness and happiness because it makes the journey much more bearable and enjoyable when you’ve filled your soul first – just like putting on your oxygen mask first in an airplane so that you can save others. The laundry and dishes can wait. Go outside and play. You have permission. You’re welcome!!

2 thoughts on “Mini-Vacation

  1. Love that you are in a good “me” space.. Working ( job at the “office” ) moms need a stay-cation too.. Remember to take time for you.. Glad you are having time and space for you, friend. You work hard with life and family.. Enjoy your weekly hikes.. And enjoy each day… It goes by fast..

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