Diversity and Silicon Valley

I love where we live, however I miss where I grew up because my family is still there. I long to move back so that we can share Sunday family dinners and be close to each other to help one another and share in each others’ daily lives. That was part of my dream when I was younger.

But what I love about what we are giving our kids just by where we are living, is an appreciation and integration with diversity, with many aspects.

Yesterday at our first soccer practice, we met new friends who are Indian, Chinese, Caucasian and Mexican, as well as other ethnicities I could not identify. I loved seeing everyone kick around a ball and learn new foreign names. Being at the the meeting was symbolic of the place we live and this is my kids’ normal. I love that they are growing up with people who look differently than they do, who have different cultures and norms and religions than we do and that we all can get along and play together and appreciate one another. This is a true education.

Tonight at our final back to school night at our local elementary school, I learned that there are 26 different languages spoken, and that 32% of the students are Caucasian, 32% are Asian, 23% are Hispanic, 4% are African American, and 5% are Philippino, while the rest chose not to disclose there ethnicity. This is an education in itself and I love that our community supports one another and honors our unique differences. Diversity is normal to my kids and expected and I love it. Everyone fits in because we are all different and at the same time the same. We all respect one another and our differences and celebrate and honor the uniqueness in one another. We are curious about each other. This is our normal and we are so lucky. It works.

I am thankful for our incredibly diverse and friendly community and wonderful public schools. We have so much to learn from each other And my kids are truly lucky to be growing up and living in a multicultural society. We are ONE.



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