Sharing Your Passion

What are you passionate about? Do you share your passion with others?

This is a great gift!

This weekend my family was invited to go boating and to hang out on the water at Discovery Bay with our good friends.

Being on the water is my favorite thing to do. Sharing it with my family and friends makes me giddy, content, joyous, relaxed and thankful.

This weekend didn’t disappoint.

I loved seeing my kids try new things and learn new skills. I was thankful to Rob and Marcia for sharing their boat with us and teaching my kids how to knee board and to try wake boarding.

I love that Rob shared his jet ski with Jeff and that all of us got to go for a ride with him and share the thrill of speeding on the water and fear of falling while jumping the wakes of boats nearby.


I was so happy when they offered for me to get in the water and to ski again. This used to be my biggest passion before having a family and I popped right up and could still do it. I was smiling from ear to ear. Absolutely 100% so happy!

We brought the paddle boards out too and enjoyed every minute together in the sunshine.


Life is good, especially when doing what you love with those you love.

Love this life!

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