Being Part

We are parts of various communities. We have so much to give and so much to gain by sharing our gifts and talents and love.

We get to show up. We get to be together. We get to help one another and build friendships and bonds with those who are like us, doing what we’re doing, believing what we’re believing, playing what we’re playing, studying what we’re studying, etc.

The more we choose to show up, the more joy we create. Isn’t this a good thing?

Think about where you belong and what part you play. Are you being an active participant and contributing to the group’s benefit? We get out what we put in. Just sayin’

Whether you belong to a family, a school, a church or synagogue, a sporting team, or another group of two or more, the more you show up and participate, the more gratitude you will feel and the more happiness you will create.

I believe this to be true in most cases.

Today I felt a strong connection to our school community. There were more than 13 adults, and a handful of kids sorting and stacking all the relevant school papers for all the new and returning students this year and putting them into Manila envelopes. We had quite the assembly line. We worked together, while sharing stories of our summer vacations, about our kids and our excitement for school to be beginning again. Summer is a full time job for stay at home parents. It was nice to be back with my peers again.


I Am content to be part of such a healthy community of diverse friends, working together to support our kids and our school and learning environment.

I love this online community and the connections and stories and inspiration that comes from sharing every day, even in just this small way.

For the community of Ferguson, stand strong and work together with love and kindness. I wish you peace. We can change the world, one community at a time.

For the community of friends who loved Robin Williams and are feeling such a big gap and sadness, I wish you peace and understanding and love. Life is complicated and messy. Follow the light.


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