Best Birthday Present

For my birthday, I received a hand painted and printed message in a bottle. Well, actually it was in a glass jar, but same difference.  The bottle was wrapped up beautifully and was a wonderful surprise. 

The message was from one of my youngest friends, inviting me to share a day together just the two of us, doing something fun together like painting our nails together, going on a nature walk or out to lunch.

My favorite kind of gifts are shared experiences. I don’t need or want stuff. I love simplicity and don’t like chotskies and clutter.

So my little friend’s birthday is this week and I decided to give her the same gift. It’s still hard for me to not buy stuff because that’s what I’m used to doing and she doesn’t really need anything either. 

I offered to take her to Sky High, an indoor trampoline place, but she said that she’s already gifting this experience to her Uncle. This kid is a smart one!  I offered to take her to Pump it Up, an indoor place with inflatable jump houses and slides. She told me she would think about it.  I love this kid and she’s only 7 and 3/4!!  I came up with a few other suggestions, but we couldn’t quite pick the best thing, until her mom came up with what we would both love, since it was our shared birthday gift.

I love to paddle on my Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board, and she has always wanted to go with me. Ta Da!!

So today, this is what we shared together, along with big smiles, love and sunshine on the water.

She was a natural and had such a good time.

I loved it too, of course, and loved watching her learn and try new moves and seeing her confidence.  I love this kid and it was the best birthday gift of the year!!

Life is good.

Living it up and loving it out! Namaste.


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