Working Mom

I’m a working mom.

I had to give up a business trip to San Diego this week because I was too busy and didn’t have anyone to take over my workload. It’s ok because I love my job and I have the best clients.

Today started with a coaching session at 6:30 am, after closing last night at 1:30 am. Morning came too soon.

At 7:45, I began chauffeuring another one of my clients to his practice, only to return 90 minutes later to give him a ride back to the office.

I had a community networking meeting at 10 am, on the tennis court. This was one of the highlights of my day.

At 11:45, I managed the repair process for one of our machines, also known as a vacuum cleaner. I quickly moved on to my next appointment at the paint shop, consulting new colors and picking up samples for one of my client’s remodeling projects.

I had to hurry back to the office for a lunch meeting with colleagues from Amsterdam. We chose to eat out lunch outdoors on the back veranda to enjoy the California weather and sunshine, which is always such a gift.

This meeting was productive and was a win win. :-). We enjoyed the team building activities with our youngest clients too.


I had to leave my lunch early to chauffeur my client again. I think he appreciated the service, but complained of his drop off location. He was late on his return, so I think they call that balance.

My client asked my to stop for refreshments, and of course I obliged. I want them to be happy you know.

On the way back to my home office, I had to make another office visit. A lot of my work is done out in the field.

I stopped by another client’s office to discuss work plans for tomorrow. We brainstormed on best practices to achieve high client success and I believe came up with a good strategy.

I offered to take my client’s client out for a few hours, for some entertainment and a break.

Life is good. I love this job.

I decided to share my chef skills with my clients and invited them to partake in my sushi making class, free of charge. We enjoyed the process of creating and eating homemade sushi together. This was a fun and simple course, providing great team building opportunities and leadership. I think I will offer this class again in the future.

Before the evening ended, my clients decided to throw an impromptu dance party. These people know how to party!!

After they left, I cleaned up the kitchen and was invited to a snuggle party, which is why I have to leave you so soon.

It’s been a very productive day and I think I’m up for a raise soon.

Hope your work day was wonderful too.


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