Connections – Life, Gratitude, Death

Are you living it up, laughing out loud and loving yourself?  I sure hope so.  If you’re looking for some inspiring daily thoughts, check out The Buddhist Boot Camp on Facebook.  I love the way this guy expresses himself and thinks about life and love and simplicity without being too preachy.

Everyday when I read what he posts, I smile. I even bought his book and hope to read it one day. Right now it sits by my bed and I’m learning through osmosis. 😉

Here’s a quote from just the other day:  “Your job isn’t to go around trying to save people, or to drag them kicking and screaming with high hopes that in the end they will thank you… all you can do is live a healthy life yourself, trusting that those with eyes to see will pay attention and save themselves. Your life is your message, so LIVE your message. Actions are way louder than words.” – Timber Hawkeye, The Buddhist Bootcamp

I took Christian in for a physical today so that he can be cleared to play sports. As the doctor was sharing some ways to keep himself safe as a teen, one of the topics he talked about were the dangers of texting and driving. He mentioned that his parents should model good behavior and that he’s watching what I do and learning. I listened, not that I text and drive, but I do pick up my phone at red lights, which I wouldn’t want him to do. I have to practice so that young eyes that are watching me and quietly paying attention will hopefully follow my good example.

Back to Timber Hawkeye, today he shared a link to his TEDx Talk from 2012 about successful, happy people and that the secret to happiness is being grateful and feeling gratitude.  I believe this to be true and have been hearing this a lot lately in different forms.

Glennon, over at Momastery, also beautifully expressed her gratitude for the gifts in her life today on her blog. Check it out  – Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt.  I think you’ll enjoy her perspective and I love her gentle reminder and how she lives her message out and helps others.

Another secret to happiness is helping others and getting out of our own heads.

Leo Babauta captured this brilliantly today and share’s a little secret on how to find our life purpose which is linked to getting away from your own self-thoughts and leaning towards helping others. I loved this:  Zen Habits – Life Purpose.

All of these little connections happened today. I think I needed them as I sat and felt extreme sadness for Robin Williams and his family. I wondered how someone so successful on the outside could feel such sadness and depression on the inside. I wish that someone or something could have helped save his soul and that the laughter he brought to so many could have been reflected back onto him and filled him up.  I wonder what, if anything, could have helped him before it was too late, even though I know that depression and addiction are complicated. I wish that when one experiences such pain, that there were successful and easy ways to help them become emotionally resilient without them having to turn to painful alternatives to cope.  

Rest in peace, Robin Williams and may your family find comfort and healing and be surrounded by love in the coming days and weeks.  Rest in peace, Zach.

Wishing you peace and love.


2 thoughts on “Connections – Life, Gratitude, Death

  1. Wow sister!! Amazing words, not only from yourself but also from all the wonderful souls you quoted tonight. Thank you for sharing.

    I adore you.


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