Happy Feet

I have wide, ugly feet, but I’m ok with them, especially after a pedicure or when they are partially buried in the sand and in the ocean.

These are my happy feet, not that feet should really be photographed, but maybe just notice the happy sand and bubbles and shells and visualize the cold water swirling around them.





We stopped at the beach on our way home from an event because I had a strong desire to look out over the ocean and to dip my toes in the water.

When I’m at the beach, I am content and my mind rests. I feel small in comparison to the big ocean and this is comforting to me.

I loved the sites and sounds and even the smells. I loved watching a paddle board surfer, a little boy learning to surf, as well as watching the bigger kids learning too.



Where is your happy place?

Life is good. I hope you have a great week! namaste

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