Home Improvement Committee

I am the Home Improvement Committee.

I can’t sit still for long.

Now that we’re home again from all our vacations, I’m busy reorganizing, redecorating, decluttering and dreaming of open, redesigned spaces.

Today we bought new bedding for Juliana’s room. I didn’t take any pictures, but after driving all over town, we found our favorite set at Kohl’s. She chose a dusty teal color with grey accent sheets and pillows. Now we just have to pick out paint and a yellow pillow to balance out the details.

I also bought a new quilt for our bedroom. It’s been at least 15 years since I bought some new linens. We are loving it so far. We also need to get some accent pillows too to freshen things up.

After shopping for the new, I spent several hours clearing out the old! I tend to collect stuff just in case I might need it again!! Our garage is clear of all the camping gear and suitcases from travel that has been accumulating. Thank God!

How was your day! Did you learn something new? Did you improve anything? I’m sure you did. Have a good night!!


2 thoughts on “Home Improvement Committee

  1. No, we haven’t done any home improvement. Chuck worked on the boat. I walked & got my Hord. Ready for a party on Alameda. Today I walked & am working on a picnic quilt for Karen Finch (she doesn’t know it yet). I have another one ready to sew for Liz (our sons girlfriends birthday. Miss you. XO Pat

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